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Description of data structure

Group Identifiers

  • cat: category (i.e., gender)
  • grp: group (i.e., men or women)
  • fips: 11-digit FIPS code, identifying census tract

Statistics available

  • Statistics for each year/month are provided in different columns, identified by YYYY_MM
  • Civilian Non-Institutionalized Population (column name = cnip_YYYY_MM): this is essentially an estimate of the population size, reflecting the baseline definition in the BLS data.
  • Labor Force Participants (laborforce_YYYY_MM): number of people who either have a job or are actively looking for work
  • Employed People (employed_YYYY_MM): number of people with a job
  • If the filename ends with _prelim, that means that the most recent month’s data is preliminary, i.e., it does not account for county-level LAUS data.
  • If the filename ends with _final, that means it includes the final estimate for the most recent month.
  • Older months always show final estimates, in either type of data file.